Our business


Safe, flexible, transparent and fiscally optimised investment with the withholding-free insurance account Protect/Invest.

VSP Strategy

With the VSP strategy you invest with the protection of an "airbag". Around 6.60% p.a. net after costs since 2008 stand for Performance and Protection.

Investment Control

Automatic stop-loss system, currency monitoring and more with the autopilot.

Succession and donation

Simple, cost-efficient and straight-forward with the ProtectInvest to transfer assets to the next generation.

Paperless Business

Fully digitized, paperless, IDD (Insurance Distribution Directive) qualifying underwriting-process. Online-management of your insurance-account and contract.

About us

Nucleus Vertriebs GmbH (Nucleus distribution ldt.) is a Swiss company based in Basel. The management team has more than 25 years of experience in Wealth- and Asset Management, the distribution of unit-linked insurance solutions in Europe and International  as well as a deep experience in the fields of "succession & donation". Our products allow our clients to invest in a uniqe and safe investment topped with tax efficiency.