IRC Finance AG - Your professionell partner for investments

IRC stands for more than 20 years, since 1993, for innovative Financial Concepts in Continental Europe. The initiators of the company have a long experience and a deep knowlegde of financial consulting, the distribution of unit-linked insurance solutions that meet the clients "low-risk" approach and in the field of "inheritance & donation" through life insurance contracts.

With the below product we, IRC, offer a unique range of safe investment solutions to you and your family.



Invest safely, with flexibility, transparency and tax-efficiency with the ProtectInvest (called "PI"). Open-invest enables unrestricted access to all funds, ETFs, ETCs, certificates and many special funds, while bankrupty protection and the dynamic autopilot stop-loss system ensure maximum security.

PI is your unique vehicle for safe, flexible and tax-efficient investment.


"VAA Value Strategie PLUS" strategy

The "VAA Value Strategy PLUS" strategy (called "VSP strategy") offers you the possibility of investing as Waren Buffet, Kostolany and Co. do without taking all the risks and volatility that equity markets bear.

The VSP strategy performed with +7.00% p.a. after costs over the last 9 years. All the investments within the portfolio and the profits are protected/hedged against high losses and volatility. High security, top performance and weekly liquidity distinguish this ivestment strategy. The VSP Strategy is available for investment through our withholding-tax free investment vehicle "VorsorgePlan" (Germany only) or "ProtectInvest" (for Internationel Markets).


open-invest - all Funds, ETF's, ETC's, certificates and more

Via our investment vehicle "ProtectInvest" (called "PI") and in cooperation with renowned partners such as V-Bank/Ausburger Aktienbank/Liechtensteinische Landesbank/DAB and many more, you have access to a unlimited amount of funds, ETF's, ETC's, certificates, stocks, special funds and managed strategies. 

Thanks to our unique Investmentplatform, we guarantee that via "PI" you have direct and simple access to all the enumerated investmentsolutions. That is what we call: open-invest.